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Oct 1

dreamonlittlelady replied to your post “dreamonlittlelady replied to your post: Remember how I said I wanted…”

-responding to tags- For Beka, you could totally get/make a headband with spikes on it to look like the spiked strip she braids into her hair. Other than that, I’m seeing her in her all black uniform, so that wouldn’t be so hard?

That’s probably more work than I want to put into this, haha. I was thinking about just wearing a lot of black and gray and my dog bone necklace and calling it good

I’m screaming I was browsing Netflix for something to watch as background noise while I work on homework and I decided on Star Trek TOS and they have the rejected pilot oh my god

Sep 30

evilgirlchild replied to your post: Remember how I said I wanted to come u…

That eyeliner is fantastic! What is it? Where can I get my grubby little hands on it?

Ahhh, thanks! It’s a couple of things: the black is Physician’s Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum, which seems to be highly recommended and I bought because a beauty blog I follow really likes it, but I hate it? so much?? If I don’t store it so the tip’s facing down, which is a pain to organize because it doesn’t stand up easily on its own, the formula takes like 15 minutes to start flowing and then it’s thin and takes a million coats to actually start looking opaque. It’s shit and I’m mad because I spent $12 on it and by the time I figured out I hated it I’d thrown away the receipt and so couldn’t return it.

The gold is one of NYX’s Liquid Crystal Liners and it’s called Crystal Gold (very creative), which is much better. It can be kind of hard to apply in a neat, thin line like I did and once it dries it can have the tendency to peel off if you accidentally nudge it, BUT it’s also only $4.50, so I’d say it’s worth it.

spacehelmetforacow said: do you mind me asking what that purple lipstick is? it looks amazing & i've been on the lookout for a nice purple to buy for a while now

I thought I’d publish this in case anyone else wanted to know -

It’s one of NYX’s Macaron Lippies, which I highly recommend! It’s the one called Violet (I bought the lavender one too but 0/10 would not recommend if you’re pale, this shit looks gray on me. It’s actually probably a color only people with pretty dark skin can wear successfully without looking like a zombie tbh). The pricing is really great at only $6, and if you don’t like the color after all, you can get an exchange or a completely full refund.

NYX’s lipsticks are all pretty awesome for their price so I was really excited to discover this line. If you haven’t tried their stuff before and it’s not too difficult to purchase where you live, I definitely recommend checking it out! They’re probably my favorite drugstore brand right now - cruelty free and excellent bang for your buck.

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